8 Pack of clematis - HUGE SAVINGS!!

8 Pack of clematis - HUGE SAVINGS!!


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    Flower Colour
    2 bi-color, 2 purple, 2 red, 1 blue, 1 white
    Flower Form
    Flower Size
    Flowering Period
    Mature Height
    Pruning Requirements
    Planting Aspect
    USDA Zone
    Suitable for Container
    Foliage Type
    Suitable as Ground Cover
    Pot Size
    2.5" Pot's
    will-barron blue large-single 4-6in-10-15cm 6-9ft-2-3m may-june-september groupb1-pruning-lightly deciduous sun-partial-sun-bright-shade container zone-4 zone-5 zone-6 zone-7 zone-8

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    Enjoy huge savings on plants and shipping by letting us choose for you. Eight of our best looking plants from our finest varieties will be selected for you. It will include 2 bi-color, 2 purple, 2 red, 1 blue and 1 white flower. All varieties selected will be zone 4 to ensure they will survive in any climate. NOTE: The picture is an example but not neccecarily the exact varities chosen.


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